Meditation and Mindfulness for Healing the Mind

Meditation and Mindfulness for Healing the Mind

The pandemic has led to a new healthcare approachbuilding immunity by healing the mind

Covid has shown that we cannot rely on medicines alone. We need to build our immunity, aligning ourselves to the natural biorhythm of the body. A rich diet, mindful lifestyle and attention to our bodily needs help develop flawless immunity. The role of meditation and mindfulness is indisputable. Dr Kanika Verma, Senior Ayurveda Consultant, EGA Wellness, a brand whose vision is to have a disease-free life by following the concept of food as medicine, writes about building immunity and healing for beejliving.

“Immunity is the first tool we have against any future pandemic. Vaccines and other treatments have a development curve. But a body’s inherent immunity helps develop resistance to a new mutant pathogen. Immunity is the reason some people got infected but remained symptom-less, while others perished.

Healing the mind

In the post-Covid era, we need to focus on the development of mental and physical immunity. Ayurveda has a pioneering role to play in it. It is the oldest science to underline the psychosomatic approach towards healing. Ayurveda says that the body emerges from the mind. This is the reason why the placebo effect exhibits incredible healing results.  

Ayurveda has two distinct branches for mental healing  

  • Bhoot (entity) Vidya (science): This is the oldest branch of medicine close to psychotherapy. The word bhoot refers to the base of existence that states with the mind. This branch specialises in the treatment of mental disorders such as personality disorders, mania, phobia, etc.
  • Satva (mind) Vijaya (victory): This is the branch that includes mental healing through counseling (ashwasana chikitsa), dhyan (meditation and mindfulness), mantra (chanting), kala (art therapy), and many more tools.

Most people know about the extensive preventive medicine, dietary suggestions and lifestyle recommendations in Ayurveda. However, there is a need to explore the extensive preventive and healing tools in Ayurveda for mental healing.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Ayurveda recommends dhyan or meditation as the ultimate cure for all kinds of mental disorders. Its effect is most pronounced in the case of stress and anxiety. Sitting peacefully with closed eyes helps you to witness the chaotic thoughts in your mind and choose to stay untouched. Hence, meditation brings a natural acceptance and flexibility of thought in an individual.

However, closed-eye meditation may be a difficult thing to practice for highly stressed people. The thought of sitting idle may make a workaholic even more stressed! That’s where mindfulness gains importance. Mindfulness does not follow a fixed routine. It does not require you to close your eyes. You can be mindful anytime anywhere, without having to close your eyes. They can incorporate mindfulness in whatever activity they are involved in. And what’s more, their work quality improves drastically.

So, try mindfulness. It brings an effortless relief from stress, anxiety, and all negative emotions.

The Best Mental Health Supplement

According to Ayurveda, true healing of the mind cannot come through physical means. This is the reason why most medicines for mental disorders exert only a temporary effect. Hence, Ayurveda offers a comprehensive range of behavior therapies in a special package called Achar (conduct) Rasayana (something that brings vitality). Its simplicity is deceiving. Acharya Charak said that the one who follows Aachar Rasayana never faces any diseases. In fact, this person can beat the aging process and stay ever-youthful.

Some of the interesting instructions in Aachar Rasayana are –

  • Do not get obsessed, stay away from possessiveness, kill the desire to show off, and avoid being a part of the crowd. The one who follows these principles never gets stressed.
  • Follow a simple and minimalist lifestyle in line with nature.
  • Choose the company of the wise (satsang) over the rich and powerful. Being with wise and peaceful people is the best remedy for stress.

 Mental healing is an elixir for the body as well.