The Beej Story

Beej Living

Beej is a curated platform to promote slow living in India. It is a fruition of a long cherished dream, a seed which has blossomed into a full-fledged idea.

I started BeejLiving as a studied response to our fast paced lives in July 2017.

The idea behind Beej (a seed) is to focus on ‘slow’, namely, looking back to our traditions, but in a modern context, while creating new traditions for the future.

BeejLiving nudges you to live mindfully within contemporary chaos, highlighting brands, people and a lifestyle, with a nod towards conscious, self-aware and responsible living.

As a bean counter-turned-publicist-turned-editor with over 15 years of experience in publicity, styling and communications, I felt a need to dig deeper in what life had to offer. As I became more conscious about it, I began to change the way I looked at my life and started to eliminate the non-essentials. I set out to study more about our folk culture, social and community responsibility and the simple life.

I travelled extensively. I met many people and got acquainted with many legacy, sustainable and authentic brands. The past 15 years have given me a deeper understanding of how a holistic life is not just a vague concept that sounds good. Slow living is no longer a catchphrase to be tossed in the air like confetti.

Today many are giving up the rat race, but even more are making changes to their current lifestyle and preserving their culture, heritage and environment for tomorrow.

BeejLiving is an effort to better our lives, especially in a world marked by conspicuous consumption and planned obsolescence. It won’t happen overnight, but it will bit by bit.

Beej is a seed planted by me. We will look at those who are making a difference and are embracing an old way of new living.

Neeti Mehra