A Soul Journey

A Soul Journey

Are we making ourselves sick by being over critical and not looking after ourselves, especially when the going gets really tough? You can heal yourself by being true to your inner guidance. Crystal Therapist and Akashic Reader Aarti Kalro writes about her healing journey

Everyone knows the saying, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” In my case, the teacher has always been life. When I made a resolution to find Nirvana as a kid, I had no idea what the journey entailed, but I believe my soul certainly did.

I was diagnosed with Lupus (a long-term autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue) in 2002, and in 2017 I found myself hospitalised for DVT – Deep Vein Thrombosis. My health was declining since a year, and I knew it was primarily related to losing my father three years ago. His death brought about major transformations for me. Right before his passing, I was beginning to have spiritual experiences. They pointed me to a direction that was the path I had been searching for all along. So, with great excitement, I left a career in fashion design and jumped into the world of crystals and energy healing.

Connecting with your body and receive insight through books, meditation and working with the crystals

The mind-body connect

The more I studied energy, the more I found myself connecting with my body and receiving insight through books, meditation and working with the crystals.

The well-being of an individual is not just related to the physical realm, it compromises the body, the mind and the soul. You can put the most expensive creams and eat organic food, but if the other two are not aligned with our actions, there is going to be a dis ease.  In addition, before we are born, our soul chooses what we wish to learn, experience and heal. We are given free will on a day-to-day basis, but our actions lead to experiences. This is what karma is. Not some form of punishment from God.

Allopathy has been a support on the physical level, while she works on her mental and emotional states through alternate therapies

A crisis of the soul

When I was hospitalised in December 2017, I was exhausted on all levels. I just wanted to be looked after, because I wasn’t doing it myself.  As a friend joked with me – there are cheaper ways to relax, like taking a vacation! He wasn’t wrong, but I had to learn what I needed to.

My time in and out of hospital over a year – 5 trips all together – helped me understand that on a spiritual level, I had been extremely resistant to the change that life was bringing me. I was going about the motions on the outside, but inside I seemed to be dead.

Smudge away the bad vibes!

Accepting the flow of life

Blood is all about flow and the circulation of nutrients and prana (energy) in your system. The legs signify movement ahead. I was clearly afraid of moving forward and leaving my past behind. Whether it was a career, old thinking, and past issues – everything that led up to that moment was chosen by me and my soul.

As I started to work with these issues on an emotional and spiritual level, I found that my leg which was previously swollen so badly that I couldn’t wear shoes, started to return to normal. I used crystals, affirmations (Listen to Louise Hay!) and I did my physio with a ‘this is going to heal’ attitude. I was learning to ask for help, something I found really hard to do. I was discovering I was so much stronger than I gave myself credit for.

Healing through conscious self-introspection works

Finding the right balance

Of course, I was on medication and I still am. While allopathy does have its downside, I would not be sitting here if it were not for the timely intervention of my doctors and treatment. Allopathy has been a support on the physical level, while I work on my mental and emotional states through alternate therapies. Today I can do yoga, sit cross-legged without pain and move freely. To me, that is the recovery I was looking for after being bed ridden for three months.  

The healer within

In case you are wondering if the healing was by fluke, I know that healing through conscious self-introspection works, because for over two decades I struggled with chronic depression. I lost my mother to depression as a teen and that sent me spiralling into a dark place. Lupus and other life events kept me there, but it was only when I finally made a resolve to come out of it in my 30s, did the healing begin. I was able to get off the medications and find a love for life again. Today, instead of being in the dark hole, I feel blessed to help others find their own way.  

We are made of energy, and we need to find a balance on the level of the mind, body and soul

What have I learned from my journey?

  1. That we are having a human experience: We are made of energy, and we need to find a balance on the level of the mind, body and soul. It’s never one or the other, but a synergy among them.  We wouldn’t love the sweet without the bitter or cherish the ups without the downs. Meditation has been the best way of connecting with myself and my soul. It’s more about listening to your inner voice than trying to achieve perfect silence. It is a conversation with the universe through breath, stillness and openness to receive.
  • We always have a choice: To take the lesson and evolve, or to stay in a helpless victim mode. Changing your life is not easy at first, but when you start to see the results, it gets a whole lot easier. When we get rid of something, we need to replace it with a better alternative, or we’re going to fall back into the same rut. The hardest part is to change our mind set, because we are so addicted to drama – whether it is the news, Netflix or just gossip.  When I stopped indulging in them, I found I could think clearer. I was a whole lot less anxious and was trusting good things to happen and they did.
Treat life as an adventure. Enjoy it without labelling our experiences as good or bad
  • Our harshest critics are our own selves: We fool ourselves into thinking that we need to be or look a certain way to be loved, successful or healthy. The truth for me is that you get to decide what you want to be. If you were to shut out societal conditioning, and treat life as an adventure, not only do we enjoy it without labelling our experiences as good or bad, but also we won’t sit down and judge others. I stopped asking people for advice when I learnt this.  This meant there was no one to blame and I was free to walk my own path. I stopped being a victim and I started being a boss babe instead. This healed my relationships considerably. I was no longer waiting around for people to decide things for me. This was the ultimate freedom.
We are nature, and nature is us.
  • Everything is connected: We are singular drops of water in an ocean of humanity. We are nature, and nature is us.  Ego keeps us separate from everyone, while the soul knows we are mirrors. Trust, patience and an open mind keep me going. I haven’t found the perfect balance, if there is such a thing, but I know this is exactly where I need to be, because the fun lies in the journey, not the destination.

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