Q. How are A-type personalities (such as myself) handling the lock down?

Q. How are A-type personalities (such as myself) handling the lock down?

A. With utmost grace and serenity, hunkering down, and going with the flow.

Reality:  I wish I did that when I could but I didn’t so help me lord, but I’m doing it now.

I know lot of you are A-type personalities out there, let’s not even deny that. We’re perfectionists, demanding, self-critical and over achievers, or at least aspire to be. We’ve completed over 100 days in lock down. I’ve compiled a list of things that you need to do to emerge gracefully from the lock down, especially if you are an independent worker such as myself, meandering the vagaries of an unpredictable life and work.

1. Don’t overburden yourself: Yes, everything needs to be done, the dishes, the emails, the pitching, the hustling, but there is a right time for all of it. Being a caregiver for a few weeks, I’ve really had no time and last week was especially tough. Don’t overdo it. The BMC is not going to give you an award for the cleanest kitchen and sparkling windows anytime soon.

2. Self-care: Stick to your personal routine. It’s one thing I didn’t do and deeply regretted. Now I’m back on track so you don’t see me lolling in pjs till super late.

A-type personalities in the lockdown need to bring forward their compassion, patience and kindness

3. Take a breath and some more: What saved me were two breath workshops I attended. Every self-care practice is redundant if you are hyper ventilating. And unfortunately, even though we are the land of yoga, no one taught us how to breath properly, and if you don’t learn you can seriously injure yourself.

4. This too shall pass: There is a higher power in the world who watches out for you. Trust in that and focus on the actions, without worrying about the fruit of action or complaining. Nishkama karma or desire less action. When we perform actions with desire for its fruit in mind, we bind ourselves to the cycle of birth and rebirth. So hunker down and get on with it.

5. Ditch the desire for perfection and the squeaky voice of criticism: sacrifice them to the altar of covid please. They’ve tortured A-type personalities for years now its time for them to vanish. Everyone is doing their best.

6. Surround yourself with happy: I ordered flowers for the first time in months. The best investment ever. Also, practice slowing down. for lessons on slow living, contact us. Read this.

7.Eat a lot of fruit: A heated body and mind needs something to cool down. What’s better than the juicy flavours of summer? Mangoes, litchis, cheekus, apricots, peaches and bananas, what more is heaven?