The Slow Edit: The Introduction to the Art of Slow Living Workshops

The Slow Edit: The Introduction to the Art of Slow Living Workshops

Beejliving introduces Slow Living Workshops

When someone asks you what is the purpose of life, we look for something profound to say.

The answer is simple.

We are looking for happiness.

Pure, unadulterated happiness.

So, why aren’t we happy?

Because we’re putting too much pressure on ourselves. We’re trying to find out who we are by forcing ourselves to jump on another cycle of self improvement, and then another cycle of self-improvement, and then another.

How often are we forcing ourselves to meditate. To journal. To pray. To conform a mind to a state of ”ness.’ To feel that the agitation within us still not gone.

Because we don’t know how to just be. You cannot compel change until you are ready.

How to observe and then respond. How to take cues from nature, how to live according to cycles, how to live according to what our body says.

Time, or kala, is cyclical, with no beginning or endings. Yet in life we look for new beginnings and endings, rather than view life as a movement of rhythms.

We need to slow down.

Join our Slow Edit Workshops.

In a world of acceleration, disconnection and pace, Beejliving introduce the art of slow living by looking at how we can live intentionally, drawing from ancient traditions such as Yoga, Tantra and Ayurveda to suit modern living, as well as contemporary sustainable practices. 

The Slow Living Workshop offers tools and new ways of thinking to raise the quality of your life through incremental measures. It covers the antidote of busyness: the 10 commandments of slow living, including,

1. Understanding the rhythms of life
2. The important of dinacharya or a daily routine
3. Tackling conspicuous consumption
4. Building an ecosystem of connections, and much more

We are also introducing bespoke slow sessions, if you choose to step further in the world of slow living.

The details are as follows:

The Slow Living Edit: A 90-minute long assessment and personal guidance covering different aspects of your life as to how you can embrace slow living when it comes to your work, finances, personal relationships and more)

The Slow Living Primer: A 90 minute session followed by 4 one-hour long sessions over 1.5 months to help establish a routine in your life)

The Slow Living Manual: Aone 90 minute session followed by 7 one-hour long sessions to bring about inner transformation and a balanced, meaningful and intentional way of living)

Mail us at for more details on the Slow Living Workshop.