What is Slow Living?

What is Slow Living?

What is Slow Living and why is it so important for the next decade? We reflect on the future. We’ve reached the tail-end of a tumultuous decade. What next?

Many people still ask me what is slow living? Here’s why we need to embrace the art of slowing down even more than ever in the next decade

There is less than a month left for us to enter the ‘20s and January. It’s the perfect time to stop, reflect and apply the brakes to slow down. For those hurtling to some unknown goal in the rat race, because we feel we need more, because we’re not complete. But as Lao Tzu said, When you realize nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you.

What we’re trying to do at BeejLiving is to help you live intentionally, where you separate the grain from the chaff, discarding those aspects of life which no longer serve you. Because these all distract you from what should be your priority. and your priority is clear: to live in the moment, because that is only what’s real, what’s in your control and what’s in your grasp.

In my Vedanta class we’re currently learning the following: Viveka, Vairagya, Shad-Sampat and Mumukshutva: discrimination, dispassion, the six-fold qualities of perfection, and intense longing for liberation. He who has the good sense to know that temporary pleasures can not lead to permanent happiness will not be attached to the next black Friday sale (I KNOW, right), the next relationship fix or her top dog title.

Can life be perfect? Life can be blissful, happy and joyous. But life can be sad challenging too. But do your let your thoughts of sadness overwhelm you, or are you getting overwhelmed by expectations?

Over the next month, we will help you embrace slow living, discard the non-essentials to live mindfully and intentionally. It is that simple.

Join us on this fulfilling journey of how you can make life joyous right here and right now, without always wanting to escape. Because you’re exactly where you should be to start this journey!

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