Work with BeejLiving

Work with BeejLiving

With over 17 years of experience as a communications consultant, food stylist, editor and photographer, I have a complete understanding of storytelling with an impact.

In a world of 5-minute reads, BeejLiving seeks to tell stories in-depth, a nod to old school long form journalism. To collaborate for the website, or on social media, email us at beejliving {at}

The BeejLiving Bespoke Content Studio

We also run the BeejLiving Studio which is a bespoke consultancy which creates compelling written and visual content for conscientious brands. Our studio provides guidance to brands, helping them tell their unique story to the world and create a visible impact for their work. Be it creating content for your website, formulating a web strategy, planning your newsletter, press material, advertorials, deciding your visual content, or tailoring an outreach programme, our studio is full of ideas and idioms. Industrious as ants, the team at the BeejLiving Studio has worked with niche start-ups as well as model corporates

Our repertoire covers arts and craftsmanship, food and travel, fashion, jewellery and lifestyle, beauty and wellness, and most importantly, the people and the brands who are enriching our lives through their dedication and commitment to a conscientious lifestyle.

To work together, drop me a mail at

Some of the brands we have worked with: